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Written by Harold McNeill on January 11th, 2019. Posted in Tim Hortons Morning Posts

FEATURED ITEM: 12. Harmon Kardon Speaker System
(Jan 16, 2019, added to post)

January 11, 2019, A Very Happy New Year to Everyone.

As we jump into the New Year, it’s time to make a few changes. Over the past few weeks, we have been working to clear space for new programs and storage at the McTavish Academy of Art, 1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich.  This post is being used to display items listed for sale, or, in some cases as give-a-ways to a good home or business.  If you think you would like one of the items, just make an offer.

The most recent items will be added to the top of the list as they become available.  Items may be viewed at the Academy.  Of course, the Academy also has a number of walls filled with artwork listed for sale by various local artists.

Items currently on the list (most recent at the top):

Please message or phone Harold, 250-889-1033, or by email at

12. Harmon-Kardon Speaker Set
11. Belt and Circular Sander (SOLD)
10. Retro Boardroom Chairs (reduced to sell)
9. Padded, Meeting Room Chairs (reduced to sell)
8. Nuova Espresso Machine (SOLD)
7. Foosball Machine
6.  Solid Hardwood (Oak I believe) Framed Mirror (reduced to best offer)
5. General Use Stainless Steel Padded Chairs
4.  Fish Tanks and Equipment (reduced)
3. Apollo Drum Set  ($100 or free to a youth who needs a set)
2. Low Rise, Round Table   (SOLD)
1. Rubber Maid, Heavy Duty, Commercial Mop Wringer (reduced or best offer)

12. Harmon Kardon Speaker Set

The complete amp and tuner system available with the speakers. Excellent condition, but no longer needed. Read up on the full system as well as the potential to go wireless. Go to: Tested Technology    ($150)   Go to AMAZON used speakers for similar in this value range.

11.  Belt and Circular Sander (SOLD)

An old timer but great if you have the shop space and do a lot of woodwork.
$50.00 or Best Offer

10. Retro Boardroom Rockers (reduced to sell)

We’re truly sorry to say goodbye to these funky, steel, swivel rockers, but need to repurpose the Board Room and don’t have storage space to keep for occasional use.  We’d like the chairs to stay together as a family so we’ve priced them accordingly. $50 for single, $259 for the six.  They are in good condition and, as you can see above, look great in a small group meeting or family space.  Find some matching artwork and you are off and running with something special.

9. Meeting Room Chairs (reduced to sell)

Extremely comfortable chairs designed for day-long meetings and seminars. Best used in a dedicated meeting space as they are not stackable. That is the only reason we are parting with them as our space is multipurpose and chairs need to be moved on a regular basis. Priced to sell as a batch $25 for singles, 10 for $200. We have about 30 for sale. The laminate, chrome, circular table: $30.

8. Nuova Espresso Machine with attachments   (SOLD)

Ahh, sorry but this class machine has just sold.

An Italian made, lever-pull, espresso machine with attachments. In excellent shape that is currently plugged in an operating. We need a smaller machine for the Cantina at the Academy. $1500.00  Sale includes:

1 machine with two steamers
I single stainless steel Portafilter
1 double stainless steel Portafilter
2 stainless steel frothing jugs
2 stainless steel espresso cups

7. Foosball Machine

Excellent condition.   $100.00

6.  Solid Hardwood (Oak I believe) Framed Mirror

Approximately 42″ X 32″ feet   $50 or best offer.

5. General Use Stainless Steel Padded Chairs

Good condition.   $10.00 Each.   5 for $45.00    10 for $65.00   20 for $85.00   30 for $100.00

4.  Fish Tanks and Equipment

Variety of sizes from large (48’x16″x16′) (bottom photo) to medium (24″x12″x12″) to small bowls and small tanks.  All kinds of miscellaneous equipment in the boxes.  All appear to be left over from the McTavish Elementary School days.   All tanks and equipment, $100 or best offer.

3. Apollo Drum Set
This 5-piece drum set sells for $500 at Walmart.  The set will go for $100 OBO.   One drum skin needs repair.  Let us know if there is a young drummer you think this set might help along the road and we’ll talk about how to make this happen.

2. Low Rise, Round Table (SOLD)

Excellent condition. 60″ diameter, 18″ high.  $60.00

I. Rubber Maid, Heavy Duty, Commercial Mop Wringer

You will need to find a pail to hold the wringer.  $25.


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  • Harold McNeill

    January 13, 2019 |

    Well, my dear, it’s that time again. How the years fly by and the little ones grow but try as you may you will have a hard time catching up to your Daddy. Lots of love young lady and may your day be special
    Love, Dad

  • Harold McNeill

    January 5, 2019 |

    Guess what? My response went to the Spam folder. Hmm, do you suppose the system is trying to tell me something?

  • Harold McNeill

    January 5, 2019 |

    Thanks, Terrance. Your comment came through but went to the Spam folder. Have pulled it out and approved. Can you send another on this post to see if you name is now removed from Spam? I’m not sure why it does that. Cheers, Harold

  • Terrance

    January 5, 2019 |


  • Harold McNeill

    December 23, 2018 |

    Thanks Sis. I will be uploading as Hi-Def so the photos can be viewed full screen. Brother

  • Louise

    December 21, 2018 |

    Amazing collection of photos of the weekend ❤️❤️

  • Harold McNeill

    December 21, 2018 |

    Hi Dave,

    Not sure if you are the same Armit as was at Oak Bay PD or not. Interesting to see your comment on Danny Cain and your birthdays and family friendships. Cheers, Harold

  • Harold McNeill

    November 19, 2018 |

    Thanks, Lynn. It appears there was a problem with the comment system. Cheers, Harold

  • lynnmcneill

    November 19, 2018 |

    Hi Harold – looks great!

  • Maurice Smook

    August 13, 2016 |

    Hi Jillian,

    I don’t know if you are still checking this site but I had to respond again. February of 2017 it will be 72 years since this battle occurred.

    What caught my attention about this incident was on the Go Deep Documentary that aired on the History Channel. First of all I never known that this battle having ever occurred.

    According to my grade 3 teacher WW2 had never occurred. That grade 3 teacher stated that the WW2 and the holocaust was all propaganda. All of my classmates they believed her. I hate to say this but all I knew was that soldiers shooting at each other.

    I almost was expelled from school. My

    Mom my Dad my brother and my Uncle would have been arrested for propaganda. I paid the price. It was ironic a grade 5 teacher told me that Smooks are all commies. Dad was Conservative.

    All the Smooks that I known are all Conservative. If I had the money I would have loved to sue those two teachers.

    As I said I never heard of this Battle. If it were not for that program I would have never had known.

    I started to do more researching to find out more about the history of this battle. The narrator of Go Deep mentioned the names of the pilots who died that battle.

    I missed 20 minutes of that program but the camera crew had the camera’s pointed towards the sign with the names of the deceits. That is how I known.

    According to the narrator There are three who are still missing. W.J. Jackson, Harry Smook and A. Duckworth. A couple of months ago the staff of Go Deep have located Harry and A. Duckworths aircraft. This is on you tube. Harry and A. Duckworth craft is approx 650 feet deep in the Fjord. The individual who is heading this expansionary mission made it known he will not rest until all three of the missing pilots
    will be retrieved. I am sure that A. Duckworth’s kin are hoping for the same.

    What really puzzles me is that I have sent emails to the Smooks. Not one ever replying. I presume its the same with you. Sad. Dad rarely spoke about his family. It appears there is a big secret of the Smooks. I too assume Harry is a kin to my Dad. Harry maybe a 4th 5th cousin to my Dad. I too would like to know. Harry and A. Duckworth served and died for our country. The other is W.j. Jackson – who is also still missing – having died for our Country.

    In conclusion I still ask myself why is this a huge secret.

    If you are still checking this site please contact me. Maybe we may be kin.

    Take care.