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Written by Harold McNeill on May 30th, 2012. Posted in Index to Posts, Editorials

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Intervention, the key to fighting crime: The RCMP have beefed up their efforts to identify and intervene where it is believed a young person is being drawn into a life of crime.  An Assistant Commissioner in the RCMP states this is the only way to reduce the risk of young people becoming involved in a life of violent crime. (June 2017)

Creating People Friendly Communities:  Is it possible to create people friendly communities?  Of course it is, but in order to do so there will need to be a move away from cars and our city and town planning departments will need to look more closely at how people friendly communities are created and maintained.

Illegal Aliens intercepted in Sarnia:  It was a busy day for the Police and Security Service personnel as hundreds of illegal aliens from the United States made a dash for Canada.

Keep the peace and be of good behaviour:  Why is it our government and security agencies continue to push millions of dollars towards mitigating the minimal danger posed by would be home-grown terrorists and completely overlook the far greater danger posed by home grown criminals and gangs.

Brexit: How a minority took over a country:   51% voted to leave the EU, 49% voted to stay, but did those numbers actually reflect what Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Wales really wanted?


Visions of the World   This is a follow-up post to the attack in Charleston, South Carolina.  Why does the United States and Canada give domestic terrorist organizations that are white based a free pass? An earlier post of this appeared on Facebook in early 2014.

Oversight of Police and Security Services:  A look at Bill 51 from the perspective of a Police Sergeant who was present during the FLQ Crisis that gripped Canada in 1970 and how oversight of the RCMP Security Service failed badly. What lesson can be learned. (October 15, 2015)

Advocating Terror to Become a Crime:  While ISIS style terrorism dominates the news, Criminal Gangs and Lone Wolves of the Criminal sort pose far greater danger to Canadians at home.  The Criminal Law as it presently exists provides police and Security Services with plenty of tools to defeat those who would disrupt our society without adding dozens of terror related bills that will make things worse rather than better. (January 20, 2015)

To Live or Die: Some Hard Decisions:  Can Assisted Suicide be managed in a way that will protect the vulnerable?  This is another of those very difficult decisions that face Canada.  The life of a world renewed scientist, Dr. Stephan Hawkings, is used as an example. (February 9, 2015)

Biggest Boondogle in Victoria History:  A look at the billion dollar sewage system that came about on the whim of an ex-Premier.  (February 6, 2015)

Investigation of the Office of Police Complaints Commissioner:  BC hired as the leader of this organization a man who previously served in Los Angeles, Portland and Denver before heading to BC.  His office is filled with conflict and staff point to his leadership style as the primary cause.  (February 8, 2015)

Thinkin’ Man’s Country Song: Written by an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.  The song takes a poke at Alberta’s Oil Patch that is filled with pick-up trucks and good old boys.  (January 22, 2015)


Local Communities: Keeping the Spirit Alive:  Young people who love their communities might wish to have a read of this post.  If they are not careful, one day they may wake up and find their community has disappeared and with it their ability to influence outcomes at the local level.  (November 3, 2014)

Privacy on Facebook:  Another look at the Rome Convention as it applies to Social Media Security. (December 2, 2014)

Amalgamation: Searching for the truth:  While browsing the web in search of information about amalgamation, I came across a number papers researched and written by Dr. Robert L. Bish, who, at the time was a Professor at University of Victoria School of Public Administration. The papers answer almost every question I had on the topic. (October 27, 2014).

Amalgamation: Questions and Answers:  Frustrated with the only the pro-amalgamation being given all the press time, I pulled together a number of statements from various amalgamation supporter web sites and FB pages and created a Questions and Answers post.

Canada: What are we doing with our resource wealth?   Comparing Canada’s use of natural resources to other countries who are far less gifted, yet produce a lot more wealth for the population of their countries (e.g. Norway).

Part IV: The Secret World of the Canadian Border Services:  Would you believe the CBSA arrested over 10,000 people last year and 20,000 in the last three.  Many remain is secret jails across Canada.  Hard to believe?  Take a few minutes to read this background material.

Link Here to Part III: Mental Illness: A Rising Crisis on the Street  The message from Vancouver  Police Chief and the Mayors in the Lower Mainland about this growing crisis.  Vancouver is expected to arrest 3000 people this year under the Mental Health Act.

Living int the Shadow of Mental Illness  Part II:  Mental illness is largely treated with distain. Is it little wonder some resort to violence? (August, 2014)

Abducted, the First Twelve Hours  Part I: The challenges faced by people living on the street (June, 2014)


Terrorism: Another Perspective:  This post takes a close look at the Boston Bombing and the VIA Rail arrests in Canada. Was it just coincidence the arrests came in Canada about the same time a new Terror Bill was being introduced in Parliament?  (May 8, 2013)

NRA: position on the Second Amendment  Can this position be justified? (January, 2013)

Why Were BC Election Results so Wrong   Looking at how the Pollsters conduct Polls.

NRA Attack Ads  Attack Ads, they really do work? Discussion of there use in political campaigns. (January, 2013)


Smart Meters: A New Environmental Battleground:  A satirical look at the issue.

Freedom of Speech in Denmark:  Another perspective on the Jyllands-Posten newspaper. (November, 2012)

Remembrance Day 2012:  A bit of history of the world and of our family. (November 2012)

Twenty-First Chromosome Leads to Enlightenment: A discussion of intolerance. (November, 2012)

Quebec Election Results: Another take on election of a PQ government. (December, 2012)

I am a Liberal  A few thoughts on the state of the Liberal Party of Canada. (August, 2012)

Quebec Student Protests:  A few perspectives on the conflict. (March, 2012)

His Holiness, the Dali Lama: An Open Letter.   On why the Dali Lama should return to Tibet. (May, 2012)

Rogers Communications: Deceptive Business Practice.  Some background on how the company manipulates contract dates. (March 2012)

Rareified Beef and Sushi:  A discussion on the overcooking of hamburger (March 2012)

BCTF Strike:  Commentary of on the situation  (March, 2012)

Who’s Accountable to Whom:  A spoof on the sudden prorogration of Parliament. (February 2012)

Terrorists or Warriors: What is the Difference. Some of the little discussed background to “Canada’s Terror Trial” and why the public is mislead. (February, 2012)

Caledonia: Dark Days for Canadian Law Enforcement:  Summary of events in Caledonia, Ontario, where the rule of law was suppended. (February, 2012)


Ben Stein: My Confessions for the Holidays:  How the internet is used to deliberately deceive people and how incorrect information can gain a life all its own. (December 2011)

Winnigpeg vs Edmonton:  How murder capitals seem to rotate around the country on a regular basis. (November 2011)

Politics of Fear:  How political parties use fear to manipulate the population (November 2011)

Amalgamation in Greater Victoria:  Discussion of the issues from a different perspective (October 2011)

RCMP Threaten Strike: Commentary about the RCMP threat to pull the force from BC if the new contract is not signed (go for it guys)  (September 2011)

Crime and Punishment: Ideology trumps reason.  Comments about the Federal Governments War on Crime. (September 2011)

Remembrance Day:   Why the Viet Nam War (the forgotten war) should be remembered. (September 2011).

Border Security Gone Crazy: Why have we continued along the path of continually increasing boarder security between Canada and the United. Perhaps we cannot trust those Americans. (August, 2011)

Preserving our Civil Liberties:  Why it is important that we should all care. (July 2011)

PAX Canadiana:  Why Canada will soon rule the economic and military world. (April 2011)

Best Laid Plans:   Political commentary on NDP and prediction for outcome on the last Federal Election. Also reference at book by the same name, written by Terry Fallis provides additional background. (April 2011)

New RIM Blackberry for Seniors:  The author makes a purchase (April 2011)

State of the Union:  Comment on US President’s State of the Union Address to the Nation (January 2011)


In All Thy Son’s Comment:  A commentary of changing the Canadian National Anthem (March 2010).

A Predictable Accident;  The sinking of the BC Ferry, Queen of the North, along the BC Coast (Posted March 2010).




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  • Andrew Dunn

    May 14, 2019 |

    Thank you so much for all your help thus far Harold, aka. Tractor guy! I could not have done without you!

  • Harold McNeill

    April 25, 2019 |

    I find it interesting to contemplate how a small community evolves in general isolation from the rest of the world. We have a similar situation in the northern communities in Canada to which access is limited. The inclusion of the world wide web and mass media has changed things, but these communities are still left pretty much to their own devices when it comes to personal interaction.

  • Harold McNeill

    March 19, 2019 |

    Hi Dave. Not that I am aware and I have a fairly comprehensive family tree for the McNeill side of the family. I will pull it up and scan. Cheers, Harold. Great chatting with you and I will give Ben a nudge.

  • Dave Cassels

    March 16, 2019 |

    Were you related to Guy McNeill who owned the Bruin Inn in St. Albert in the late 40’s or early 50’s? Guy was a close friend of my father-in-law who was the first President of the Royal Glenora Club. My phone number is 780 940 1175. Thank you.

  • Harold McNeill

    March 15, 2019 |

    So glad you found the story and enjoyed. Indeed, they were memorable times. I did a fair amount of searching but never managed to contact any of the Murffit kids. However, it was neat to make contact with the Colony and someone I knew from back in the day. I have enjoyed writing these stories from back in the 1940s and 50s and have made contact with a lot of friends from those early years. I will give you a call over the weekend. Cheers, Harold

  • Yvonne (Couture) Richardson

    March 7, 2019 |

    I enjoyed your story. I too, lived in Pibroch in 1951, as my parents owned the hotel there. I was a very close friend of Bonnie Murfitt at the time. I moved to Edmonton in 1952, however, and have not seen her since. I would like to be in touch with you to talk about your story. My email is listed above and my phone number is 780-475-3873.

  • Laureen Kosch/Patry

    March 5, 2019 |

    I grew up in Pibroch and would not trade those years for anything. “ Kids don’t know how to play anymore” Never was a truer statement made. During the summer we were out the door by 8am, home for lunch, and back when it got dark. For the most part our only toys were our bikes and maybe a baseball mitt. I will never forget the times when all the kids got together in “Finks field” for a game of scrub baseball. Everybody was welcome, kids from 8 to 18. I didn’t know it then but I guess I had a childhood most dream of. Drove thru town last summer. It all looked a lot smaller.

  • Harold McNeill

    January 13, 2019 |

    Well, my dear, it’s that time again. How the years fly by and the little ones grow but try as you may you will have a hard time catching up to your Daddy. Lots of love young lady and may your day be special
    Love, Dad

  • Harold McNeill

    January 5, 2019 |

    Guess what? My response went to the Spam folder. Hmm, do you suppose the system is trying to tell me something?

  • Harold McNeill

    January 5, 2019 |

    Thanks, Terrance. Your comment came through but went to the Spam folder. Have pulled it out and approved. Can you send another on this post to see if you name is now removed from Spam? I’m not sure why it does that. Cheers, Harold